Thursday, September 25, 2008

Screenweaver - an open source alternative to AIR?

I don't have a detailed post this week as I've been working on cleaning up and refactoring my IOC project for launch next week (I hope). However here's a few interesting links:

  • haXe - A multi-platform language with a fairly pleasant syntax based on ECMAScript. You can write code in haXe and compile to SWF (Flash 6 to Flash 9), ActionScript (this isn't too good, I've run into problems), JavaScript, and PHP. It also compiles to NekoVM...
  • Screenweaver Open Source - This is a bridge between Flash and NekoVM, for Windows and Mac OS. You can do all your GUI code in ActionScript, or you can do it all in haXe as it compiles to SWF as well as NekoVM.

I Haven't played with Screenweaver yet, but I plan on it in the near future! And of course when I do I'll be posting my progress here :)

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