Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Degrafa madness - Scrollbars and Illustrator

The holidays are almost over! I've been doing some bludging, some swimming, spent some time at the beach, watched some cricket, ate (too much) pudding and brandy sauce, and finally finished my damned scrollbars to a satisfactory level. To jump right in and see the final product, click the image below:

NB: This works with Degrafa SVN, I haven't tested it against the pre-compiled .swf.

You'll find included in the package the Adobe Illustrator File I created for the artwork, as well as the individual SVG files for the resources.

A few things to note:

  • I had to copy-and-paste each element of the scrollbar into a temporary new document in Illustrator before exporting as SVG, just to keep things simple.
  • The gradients and path data have been a little hand-tweaked for positioning.
  • Illustrator will use commas for all whitespace when exporting path data, but will default to no whitespace at all when it's not needed (negative numbers for example don't need whitespace to separate them from their predecessors). This is valid SVG (and Degrafa path data), but I just prefer to separate coordinate pairs with spaces, and x/y values with commas.

As always, your feedback is appreciated! Please let me know if you've got any questions, corrections, or suggestions!


JohnO said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I was just doing some samples today with Degrafa and scrollbars. Not SVG though.

I ended up hard-coding the width on the thumbSkin as well, but wasnt' sure it was the right solution.

Josh McDonald said...

Cheers, you can make it whatever thickness you like, I just stuck with the default so you can drop it in without messing up existing layouts.

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